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About this site:

This site began as a place to collect information about the Hass family but is now evolving into a record of all of our family lines. This site arose from the years of hard work reasearching endless paths to information by my parents, Lisa and Ed Hass. Information was initially presented as branching out from my Dad’s place in the tree. As the purpose of the has evolved we are now setting my sister and I as the root node and will be including many more family lines. ~ Duane Hass

A family history is about more than one family. To start with the main families are Hass, Croteau, Horth & Joseph but we are also working on Lisa’s family history which includes Kelly, Campbell, Hoare, Marchington and Wilsons.

To all the people who have helped me with this search, THANK YOU. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Ed Hass Senior in the Second World War

4 long years in a foreign land away from your new wife. The story of Ed Hass Sr volunteering and answering the call.

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The Wilson Family Name – a Deep History

Derived from a warrior past, the Wilson name has been involved in a great deal of history

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